Vol 60 (2003)

Table of Contents


Preface to the Special Issue: The Book as Art, Literature and History Abstract PDF DjVu
Robert G. Sewell
Otto Ege: His Manuscript Fragment Collection and the Opportunities Presented by Electronic Technology Abstract PDF DjVu
Barbara A. Shailor
A Literature of My Own: Living with Victorian Women Writers Abstract PDF DjVu
Elaine Showalter
Elaine Showalter Collection Bibliography Abstract PDF DjVu
Robert Warwick, Robert G Sewell
Reproducing Gender in Nineteenth-century Illustrations Abstract PDF DjVu
Barbara Balliet
How Books Stop Time: The Problem Of Originality And Artists' Books Abstract PDF DjVu
Michael Joseph
Responses to the Papers of Barbara Balliet and Michael Joseph Abstract PDF DjVu
Judith K. Brodsky
The First Printed Text in the World, Standing Tall and Isolated in Eighth-century Japan: Hyakumanto Darani Abstract PDF DjVu
Robert G. Sewell