Vol 57, No 1/2 (1995)

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Table of Contents for volume 57 PDF
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Preface for Special Issues: Consumerism, Labor Unions, and the Pursuit of the American Dream PDF
Robert G. Sewell


Introduction PDF
James P. Quigel, Jr
A Consumer's Republic: The Politics of Consumption in Post War America: An Interview with Lizabeth Cohen PDF
Lisa Kennenberg, Lisa Phillips, Lizabeth Cohen
Buyer Beware: The Consumers' Research Archives at the Rutgers University Libraries PDF
Gregory L. Williams
Charge with Electricity: The IUE Archives Project PDF
James P Quigel, Jr
Rutgers Labor Union Archives: A Recollection PDF
Bernard F. Downey
Labor Education at Rutgers University, 1931-1981, and the Establishment of IMLR PDF
Eugene McElroy
The Library of the School of Management and Labor Relations at Rutgers University: A Resource to New Jersey and Beyond PDF
Jeffrey P. Katz